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Ready to see how our Results-First Deletion-Based system can change your finances and your life? Here at The Credit Brains, we have the experience and the attention to detail needed to maximize your results.

Before we begin our Restoration Specialists will need to perform a FREE credit audit so they can better understand your unique circumstances. This will help us determine how we can help.

How it works

  • First, we need to do an initial check of your Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion credit reports. We’ll do this again when we start removing negative items from each report.
  • Next, return to The Credit Brains and send us your IdentityIQ login credentials and contact details using the secure form below. 
  • Our Restoration Specialists will create an easy-to-understand Credit Audit Report, Negative Account Summary, and credit restoration road to success.

  • Once the scope of the work is clear, it’s time to start deleting. You can find a full price list for deletions here.

Questions about the process? Please feel free to explore our FAQs or contact our team for help and support.

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