The Credit Brains

The Credit Brains is a close team of financial consultants, mortgage brokers, and real estate investors. We are bound by our shared interest in helping the millions of Americans held back by weak credit scores to access a brighter future.

Our passion stems from years of experience working with clients to reach their business and personal finance goals. Our rigorous, deletion-based credit repair model is the next step in changing how our clients view credit.

Different, By Design

Most credit repair companies bill their clients monthly. That means their real incentive is to keep you paying, not get you results. So while those low monthly fees may make the service look affordable, the costs can soon spiral out of control.

At The Credit Brains, we utilize a Results-First Deletion-Based System. With an enrollment fee of just $99, we’re making it affordable for everyone to improve their credit situation. Best of all, our Account Deletion fees are as low as $50!

Experts in Getting Results

Too many credit repair companies lack experience, knowledge, and drive. In fact, most base their entire service on generic dispute letters you could send in yourself. The credit bureaus routinely reject these letters, but that doesn’t keep the credit company from cashing your monthly payments.

At The Credit Brains, we’re redefining excellence in our sector. Armed with knowledge and well versed in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we know your rights – and we know how best to represent them.

A Long-Term Approach

We understand that credit repair is about more than just challenging unverifiable credit report entries. It’s about people; it’s about their lives, their hopes, and their dreams.

It’s also about displaying the kind of behaviors statistically linked to responsible borrowing. That’s why we provide smart, actionable advice to empower our clients to strengthen their credit scores, month by month and year by year.

By marrying expert knowledge with this comprehensive approach, we regularly exceed our clients’ expectations. For a clearer understanding of our success, why not Visit our Past Results page  >

The Choice is Yours

You can allow your future to be defined by your weak credit score, or you can act to shape your own destiny… The choice is yours.